Sunday, May 10, 2020

Space Travel

          There is a fascination with space travel that seems to be prevalent with a certain type of mediocre individual. This person who finds space travel interesting is generally not very successful in sports or interpersonal relationships. They generally are not very fit or attractive, and even take pride in their dweebishness. Having been made fun of for their physical and social deficits, they have decided to try making their weaknesses into strength. They have not succeeded in this effort, as normal and successful people still see them as losers, but they have succeeded in tricking other nerds into embracing their weaknesses and thinking that it makes them cool or finally socially adroit in ways they see well-adjusted individuals behaving.

            What is it about space travel that attracts losers and mediocre lower to upper middle-class individuals who lack any personality or charm? The most obvious factor is that space travel is seen as something “impressive” while still being academic, the closest thing science has to a sports achievement. There is some allure to space for everybody, the lack of gravity and distance from the rest of humanity are both something that have humanistic elements that even well-adjusted extroverts can find non-boring. The danger inherent in trying to leave earth’s orbit and survive where humans aren’t built to survive is genuinely adventurous. Still, the real reason that  losers and dweebs are so obsessed with space travel is that space travel is a symbol or totem for intelligence to them.

Nerds and losers and social outcasts weren’t good at sports or talking to girls or getting a good job where they interact with others in a pro-social manner, so they generally have some inferiority complex or bitterness. How do they address this general inadequacy? Do they look inwards and try to improve themselves? No, instead they carry a chip on their shoulder and slip further into the role social outcast. Instead of realizing that nobody likes them because they’re not fun or interesting to be around, the people who care about space travel, science, and rote factoids decide that they’re the “winners” in life and all the people who are better looking than them, more successful than them, and happier than them are just stupid. Thus, they grab onto things like space travel, things which are largely human interest propaganda, and make their knowledge of arbitrary and useless things into a core aspect of their personality.

Much like only kids or maladjusted losers have strong emotional reactions to people vaccinating or not vaccinating their children, the people who care about space are either kids or maladjusted losers. There is nothing interesting in space, especially not compared to what is on earth. The same personal pattern of people searching for external worth can be extended to humanity in general. We have made a mess of earth, we are disorderly and idiotic and unlikeable, and we are not looking to fix ourselves or be self-aware, but rather trying to escape consequences for our actions, imagining that if we can just leave earth and make earth 2.0 then we will be able to continue our irresponsible and pathetic habits unabated, that if we leave earth, all the existential horror that we feel about the mundane existences we all have won’t exist anymore.

No matter where humanity ends up, it has to exist with itself. No matter where the bespectacled redditor with a gluten allergy travels to, the bespectacled redditor with a gluten allergy is there. The obsession with space is the obsession of those who hate themselves and their lives who do not realize that they will still hate themselves if they’re in space, because they’re fundamentally loathsome people who have nothing admirable about them.

We have reached an apex of “good things” in the world. The ball has been tossed as high as it will go, and soon it will begin its descent. Those who place their happiness in external things, like imaginary space colonies or nirvana on earth, will be increasingly miserable, as they should be. Reliance on external variables for comfort and self-worth is decadent and weak, and the decadent and weak deserve to suffer and be shown as the sick warmish freaks that they really are. Instead of caring about space, people should care about themselves and where they’re headed over the next few decades. People should stop reading about “science” and instead do calisthenics and learn how to make things. Space is a cold, dark, lifeless place, and it isn’t all that interesting. You will never be an astronaut, you will never be liked, you will never be good looking, you will never be respected, and the people who made fun of you for being a loser in high-school will never apologize or ask you for help with anything. Science is a meme, the love of science is stupid, and people who have an emotional attachment to space travel are pathetic manchildren who should be sterilized.

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