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There seems to be a lot of confusion and inversion of reality going on everywhere, so it is
not surprising that people are confused about what should be sought out and what should be
avoided with regards to heat and cold. People think of vacations as relaxing on a beach with a
drink in hand staring at women in bikinis. People think of that sort of activity as something to
aspire to. People think that tropical climates are paradise. They are wrong, tropical climates are
hell on earth.

Everybody is familiar with the concept of Florida Man: The craziest stories always seem
to come out of Florida. The most insane people somehow thrive in Florida, Texas, and
California. This is not insane in a good way (although there are certainly many great individuals
from those areas), but rather insane like a man with a brain fever who has permanently lost the
plot but is still somehow able to walk about unimpeded. In a hot climate, things that do not know
how to prepare for hard times are able to breed and survive. There is no need for careful planning
or abstract thinking, just day to day survival. It is life on easy mode and life on easy mode means
unexperienced and uncontrollable undisciplined random number generator individuals who don’t
even understand why they’re doing what they’re doing. Heat breeds complete insanity. No longer
is there a clear link between action and reaction, good choices and success, bad choices and
failure. There is only constant confusion. Nothing really matters in a hot climate.

The heat makes people dull and lazy. The sun, an ever imploding ball of chaotic
exploding gas unable to situate or control itself, is a cursed object and while it is needed every
now and then, too much of it breaks down the body, the mind, and the will with poison. The sun
burns away its victims and makes them stupid. People are happy to lay in the sun and do nothing
with their time and waste away. People who love the sun do not understand that we should be our
own suns burning and destroying things, not being burnt and destroyed by a dumb object floating
in the sky. The heat is degenerate and it creates degenerates.

All of this is quite vague and anecdotal, so let’s get into some hard, cold, facts. The
northern zones of any country or continent are always superior to their southern counterparts.
There are no exceptions to this. What about the southern hemisphere, you might ask? True north
and south are inverted relative to their position and so the superior south in that case is actually
true north and the inferior north is true south. This rule has no exceptions. Think of all
degenerate people groups and you will quickly see how they are all from consistently warm
climates. The reason for this that only a certain type of hardy individual can succeed in a cold
environment. Inferior microscopic germs are enabled to grow and propagate in a warm climate
and this pattern also follows on a larger human scale. Behavior that would never succeed in a
cold environments slips by and goes unpunished in warm environments.

The brain is at the northernmost part of the body. This is because it is the most important
part of the body. Of course, the rest of the body is important and should be taken care of, but they
exist solely as a representation of the will that resides at the top of the human. This is not a
coincidence when combined with all the other mentioned facts. The sun is not your friend. The
heat is not your friend unless you are using that heat to modify something external. The cold is
your friend. The dark is your friend. The ability to plan ahead and allow other people to destroy
themselves by their lack of ability to plan ahead is your friend. Don’t fall for the delusion that
because it “feels good” to lay in the sun and play beach volleyball that there is any inherent value
in a useless waste of time and misdirection of energy only done by people too spoiled to
understand the value of their time and the importance of not wasting their life. People in the heat
melt their brains. It’s sad, but it’s true. Enough warm climate propaganda, heat leads to Sub-
Saharan Africa.

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