Sunday, December 30, 2018

epic twitter thoughts on analysis

it seems people study social dynamics and history and tradition and gender roles etc because they don't unconsciously fit in and tend to make things worse by becoming more distanced because they're still different but understand aspects "normies" don't
It's like somebody hyper specializing in certain aspects of a hobby everybody does but almost nobody would normally hyper specialize in because everything in the hobby is common sense enough, so then the person who hyper specialized picks up on and gets frustrated abt more stuff
This is kind of highlighted by the PUA and Manosphere communities, where there is such a focus on being manly and alpha that it's self defeating and womanly because people who are naturally good with women or manly don't have to theorize why what they do is "alpha" or manly

deep thoughts

If is isn't aught and aught isn't is then is is worth comparing to aught and should aught be considered by those who live in the realm of is but wish for aught, and if aught is aught and is is is then would change of is to aught render aught to is and aught to naught

does is turn to aught or aught turn to is, and no matter the answer, does the transmogrified is or aught negate the existence of that which is or aught was?

urbit will never work

it is built by and for people who think aught is is and is is aught. thank you, next.

Saturday, December 29, 2018

A Response To A Self Proclaimed Troll

It's extremely disheartening to see messages like that. Psychically offensive and verbally crass. Like observing a waiter use your cup of water as a spittoon for their saliva. I am not angry at you,
merely saddened at the circumstances that lead you to be so uncharitable and profane in such a manner. But surely, you must see this as an affront to you? To the contrary, a man can only cause affront to himself by acting in a manner soas to dishonor his natural inclinations and corrupt his internal fortitude. As such, I see you as a brother in humanity placed here inasmuch as I have been placed here.

Friday, December 28, 2018

It's Friday Night

And I'm making food.

"Stop, wait a minute fill my cup put some liquor in it (not really, I'm on probation)"

An omelette with

  1. 1 jalapeno, sliced
  2. 3 slices of great value cooked ham
  3. 1/4 a block of sharp cheddar cheese
  4. A bit and then some of Valentina Salsa Picante Mexican Hot Sauce 
  5. Some butter
  6. And let's not forget the main ingredient:  5 WHITE - of course - EGGS! 

guest post by the author over at

Thursday, December 27, 2018

the primo certified pua guide

We all know women are trash, they are inferior to us men, who are superior to women.
Women, it cannot be stated enough, are just really weak and pathetic.
What does that mean for us men, who are better than women?
Well it means that life is not fair for us men, who are better than women.

Basically, life is as follows:
women are stupid women are dumb,
women are nothing but breasts and bum.
Women need to be put in their place,
women are a bloody disgrace.
Here’s the truth, it bears repeating,
that women are weak and most need a beating.
Women are weaker than us men so strong, when women are unhappy it calls for a song.

Anyway, women are gay, but we are not so,
so here is a five hundred page e-book on how to have sex with women.

The first step to spreading her legs and then your sperm is to not put a woman on a pedestal,
but also obsessing over every element of how to win a woman’s attention and make her think she
likes you by pretending to be something you’re not.

the chud poem

Rattle. Rattle. Rattle.

It bounces around
It makes dull sounds
Like bla bla bla
It pounds pounds pounds

Sphere like a marble
But hidden away

Its owner is chicken
Its owner is horrid
Its owner is ugly
Its owner is dumb

This bouncing ball of dumdum
That’s right it’s a smoothbrain for a failson
He don’t support the proletariat
I hope that dumb dysgenic white hick gets raped

~ The End

what's the deal with Kodak Black's new album's art?

It's very satanic.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Freestyle #1

trigger warning: foul language

Ass quake make the earth shake call it milk shake not half baked my leaves raked can't be faked just get naked sex tape let's make it my heart don't break it fornicate stay up late ain't got no hate just love for the hoe on my plate yeah

Philosophical questions

Could God create a rock so big he could not lift it?
Could God run so fast that he couldn't run even faster?
If race isn't real, how can racists be real?
If sex isn't real, how are babies made?
Is time real?
If race isn't real can I say racist things?
If I can't say racist things can things said be racist?
Is it racist to say the spanish way to say black if I don't speak Spanish and am calling a black person black in Spanish.
Is it racist to be racist, but not actually racist.
If racism is real, then is not being racist ok or should we be not racist which implies a non-passive role.
If I am me and you are you but to you, you are me and I am you, then who is who and why am I either you or me depending on whether you are me or I am you.

why I delete videos, tweets, articles, and say things that contradict each other

1. I am chaotic
2. I sometimes change my mind
3. I like to make lists
3. I am randumb heheh *flicks spork*
4. Are you not entertained
5. I bet you didn't notice that I used 3 twice

I delete things because I am a fickle individual with whims and I have found that some things, humanity is just not ready for or may incriminate me legally. Plus, it's funny and artistic for those who are educated thinkers, like most of my audience is. High IQ people like us, the eternal outsiders, the cognitive elite, those that are above and below, the cynics, the philosophers of a new era, the hell raisers, the mad dogs, those that hoist the black flag, those that say racial slurs without fear, those like Steve Jobs who are not afraid to break the rules and break some hearts, those of us with unlimited capacity for spite, but also an unlimited capacity for love, as well as lust. Those of us with soul.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Imagine travelling for miles through the cold to get to the north pole, but then you get there and realize you actually travelled to the south pole...

Imagine travelling for miles through the cold to get to the north pole, but then you get there and realize you actually travelled to the south pole...


More and more it seems as though instagram is the last bastion of free speech on the internet. You can post almost anything besides nudity on there, including race or sexuality based slurs. When that app goes down we can expect to see some serious civil unrest. Crazy times are ahead.