Friday, July 16, 2021

Knowing Knowing

 There is an extremely rare sort of knowledge, which is not knowledge but rather the knowledge of knowledge. This is the most valuable form of knowledge. This is the complete assurance that can’t be taught by school, work, or life, unless that life is particularly strange and charmed. I have had that sort of life, and so I know I know I know. This is the type of knowing that doesn’t have room for faith, doubt, hope, fear, dread, or any sort of human emotion, because it is not really human at all, but rather something completely transcendent in nature. This is the gold standard of knowing, something completely pure and free of blemishes that it is impossible to really put into words, impossible for those who don’t have it to ever understand, and impossible for those who do have it not to understand. This essay is not really an essay in the sense of my other essays -- it is only a singular paragraph -- but rather a statement of fact or record. As what has been stated has been stated, I will end the essay here and publish it without really publicizing it, and anybody who is supposed to see it will see it.

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