Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Philosophical questions

Could God create a rock so big he could not lift it?
Could God run so fast that he couldn't run even faster?
If race isn't real, how can racists be real?
If sex isn't real, how are babies made?
Is time real?
If race isn't real can I say racist things?
If I can't say racist things can things said be racist?
Is it racist to say the spanish way to say black if I don't speak Spanish and am calling a black person black in Spanish.
Is it racist to be racist, but not actually racist.
If racism is real, then is not being racist ok or should we be not racist which implies a non-passive role.
If I am me and you are you but to you, you are me and I am you, then who is who and why am I either you or me depending on whether you are me or I am you.

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