Thursday, December 27, 2018

the primo certified pua guide

We all know women are trash, they are inferior to us men, who are superior to women.
Women, it cannot be stated enough, are just really weak and pathetic.
What does that mean for us men, who are better than women?
Well it means that life is not fair for us men, who are better than women.

Basically, life is as follows:
women are stupid women are dumb,
women are nothing but breasts and bum.
Women need to be put in their place,
women are a bloody disgrace.
Here’s the truth, it bears repeating,
that women are weak and most need a beating.
Women are weaker than us men so strong, when women are unhappy it calls for a song.

Anyway, women are gay, but we are not so,
so here is a five hundred page e-book on how to have sex with women.

The first step to spreading her legs and then your sperm is to not put a woman on a pedestal,
but also obsessing over every element of how to win a woman’s attention and make her think she
likes you by pretending to be something you’re not.

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