Sunday, December 30, 2018

epic twitter thoughts on analysis

it seems people study social dynamics and history and tradition and gender roles etc because they don't unconsciously fit in and tend to make things worse by becoming more distanced because they're still different but understand aspects "normies" don't
It's like somebody hyper specializing in certain aspects of a hobby everybody does but almost nobody would normally hyper specialize in because everything in the hobby is common sense enough, so then the person who hyper specialized picks up on and gets frustrated abt more stuff
This is kind of highlighted by the PUA and Manosphere communities, where there is such a focus on being manly and alpha that it's self defeating and womanly because people who are naturally good with women or manly don't have to theorize why what they do is "alpha" or manly

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  1. the key is to make a healthy transition out of the pua and manosphere.