Wednesday, December 26, 2018

why I delete videos, tweets, articles, and say things that contradict each other

1. I am chaotic
2. I sometimes change my mind
3. I like to make lists
3. I am randumb heheh *flicks spork*
4. Are you not entertained
5. I bet you didn't notice that I used 3 twice

I delete things because I am a fickle individual with whims and I have found that some things, humanity is just not ready for or may incriminate me legally. Plus, it's funny and artistic for those who are educated thinkers, like most of my audience is. High IQ people like us, the eternal outsiders, the cognitive elite, those that are above and below, the cynics, the philosophers of a new era, the hell raisers, the mad dogs, those that hoist the black flag, those that say racial slurs without fear, those like Steve Jobs who are not afraid to break the rules and break some hearts, those of us with unlimited capacity for spite, but also an unlimited capacity for love, as well as lust. Those of us with soul.

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