Friday, January 18, 2019

Canine Vacation

It was quiet, peaceful even. The voyage had just gotten underway and everything was going well. Hundreds of pounds of dog food would last them years. A fresh water filtration system was set up and fully operational. The vessel had enough fuel to get them to the bottom of the ocean and even further for the next few months. They were making history.

Fido pitter pattered over to the first mate, Max, "Max, we have done it. We have finally left the humans for good and now we will live on the bottom of the ocean. Away from their prying eyes and slave collars and peculiar traditions of dressing us up in sweaters, we are now free. This submarine, the SS DOGGO WOOF WOOF BARK BARK, is our own little paradise."

Max shook his rear at Fido and chuckled, "Oh Fido, you are so innocent and pure. How do you think we somehow afforded this submarine, all the fuel, the water filtration system, and all the doggy chow? Why do you think I am the only 'dog' you know that has ever walked on two legs instead of four? I am not actually a dog. I am simply the rich billionaire Aaron Poundbergh in a fursuit. The rumours are true, I am a furry. And this trip is my multi-month long Yiff Vacation."


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