Friday, January 4, 2019

Why I LOVE Mechanical Keyboards

It's true. I love Mechanical Keyboards. Why? Good question. You're probably wondering why I love Mechanical Keyboards. After all, why would you ask me this question if you didn't want to know why I LOVE Mechanical Keyboards. To ask me why I LOVE Mechanical Keyboards without wondering why I LOVE Mechanical Keyboards would be a foolish trifle and a waste of everybody's time. Nowadays there are far too many that speak and inquire without purpose and instead do so just to fill an internal vacuum and pass their time in frivolous excess.

I love Mechanical Keyboards because they make the click clack click clack click clack sound when I push the buttons, in addition to providing a tactile feel and weight to every press of a key. I also love the psychological impact this has on both me and those around me. I am God of the area when I tap tap tap and click clack click clack. Upon my command all attention is drawn to my fingers and those around me are unable to focus. It's a bit like screaming into the air in a public setting; just more subtle and even psychotic in the right scenarios.

Everybody knows that true power lies in pulling the strings of those around you without direct evidence or admission of the meaning behind your actions being deliberate. A mechanical keyboard is a tool in the arsenal of those that seek power and status, and the uninitiated will never understand what is meant by this statement. You either "get it" or you don't "get it."

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