Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Hypothetical question

What if a man spent his whole life saying he was heterosexual. Every time he would hang out with his friends they would tease him and say that he was homosexual, and every time he would insist that he was a heterosexual. He only liked women. He only had sex with women. He only kissed women and the thought of kissing a man made him feel sick in his stomach. He wasn't a homophobe, he just felt sick when he thought about kissing men because he was only attracted to kissing women. The thought of the man kissing another man was as foreign as kissing a cow or a horse. Still, everybody called him a homosexual. That cannot be correct, the man thought to himself, "I am only attracted to women!" Then, one day, the man is on his death bed. His friends come up to him and he asks them, "why do you insist on calling me a homosexual, even while I am here on my death bed about to die? don't you know that I am a heterosexual and am only attracted to women?" The friends look at the man and say "all those women you were attracted to were actually men and you were confused about what is a woman and what is a man. You have been kissing gay men and find gay men attractive and think men are women and women are men." The man dies a minute later, knowing he is a homosexual. What a crazy hypothetical situation. What does it all mean?


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    1. Please don't use such profanity or foul language on this website or I will be forced to ban you. This is a family friendly site for everybody, attempting to better the entire HUMAN race and this sort of crass behavior is not welcome. Thank you!