Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I've Been Busy

What have I been doing lately? Mostly, crying. Not being able to express myself to thousands of people I care deeply about every few minutes on twitter is leading me down a dark path of vitamin and supplement abuse alongside nightmares of being forced to communicate only through blogspot to a few dozen readers every day. I've even started hanging out with family members and eating healthier food that doesn't come prepackaged.

Now that I have been exiled to my own private hell, I can no longer hide from my inadequacies and silly self contradictions that make me scream rather than laugh. I scream at least four times but usually at least seven times a day, while alone by myself looking through screenshots of people talking to and about me on twitter in the past.

In the coming months and years I plan on overcoming my mental problems caused by twitter via writing free word associations on pieces of paper and shouting them at people at my local supermarket. The resulting interactions with scared children, angry adults, and violent authorities will closely mirror what my life online has been for the past three years. Somebody may even think I'm homeless and give me money, like a real life version of patreon but more profitable because I won't report the income to any authorities.


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