Sunday, January 6, 2019


Allow me to tell a tale that is not for the faint of heart. Allow me to regale you and those much like you with the details of an event so chilling that it will remain fresh in my mind for quite a long time. Allow me if you would, to take up a moment of your time in this grand tapestry that we call life, to elucidate the nature of that which has befallen me, your narrator, this very morning.

I was laying on my king size bed. I was covered under blankets. I was sleeping. Then, I awoke in the early morning. Something about my surroundings seemed disturbed - malicious even. In the air, a slight hint of dread punctuated with a subtle taunting. I sprung up in alert attention. I surveyed the scene about me and was surprised to find no cause for alarm. And yet, there I was, sensing that some great injustice was, or rather had, taken place. It was as if the cosmic balance of the universe had fallen prey to tampering.

Unable to sleep, I quickly fell into action and began my morning routine, preparing a brew of equal parts l-tyrosine and ginseng with a quarter part guarana. The feeling of creeping horror would not leave the pit of my chest, and so I opened up the twitter application on my cell phone. All of the sudden, time came to a standstill and I was presented with the source of my internal distress. I had been suspended! The psychic bond between me and my thousands of adoring disciples had been cut.

Now I am left, here, in exile, on, in eternal supplication to the Lord above. I would be lying if I did not admit that this disastrous turn of events has tested my faith in the existence of a benevolent and just God. Here I remain, until further notice, adrift at sea alone, thinking of nothing but my lost flock of sheep that have been taken away from me. All I care about is their safety, and I am undone by my current inability to provide them the profound nourishment that they have come to rely upon me for.

Alas, this is truly a tale of tragedy.


  1. i was reading balzac this morning and deeply pondering this

  2. My grandfather recommended me the book All Quiet on the Western Front, and I’m glad he did. I enjoyed the book very much, it is very effective in showing the physical and emotional aspects of war and effects on soldiers and citizens. Most men that fought felt that if the war were to end they would have nothing to do, and others believed it would be impossible for the war to end and for them to return to normal life. It greatly focused on the day to day struggles of soldiers, whether it be lice, rats, or bombing and what is going on when the soldiers aren’t fighting. It helps the reader understand that war isn’t as simple as shooting a gun, and helped with my understanding of war.
    The book mainly about Paul and his classmates experiences throughout the war. Takes place during WWI. Teacher convinces the boys to join the army. The boys realize that war isn’t what they believed it to be. After only two weeks of fighting Paul’s company gets a break from fighting. They realize there are only 80 of the 150 men that were originally part of the company. The men get excited because that means more food for them. Rather than feeling sad for the fallen men they only seem to care about the extra rations. The chef is hesitant to give them the extra supplies but eventually gives in and allows the men to have them. Paul and his friends then visit their classmate Kemmerich who had his leg amputated. Müller, another of Paul’s classmates asks Kemmerich if he could have his boots since Kemmerich wouldn’t need them anymore. No one considers this as being insensitive towards Kemmerich because he literally doesn’t need his boots anymore. Once Kemmerich dies Paul gives the boots to Müller.

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